There are numerous benefits to online and mobile banking which is why we wanted to share some of our favorites in this blog! We hope this helps you decide to utilize online & mobile banking if you aren’t already.

Save the Environment

Utilizing e-Statements means less paper wasted and gas used to get the postman to your home. It can also help keep things more easily accessible and organized instead of having to sift through all your mail and papers each month. With e-Statements from ASB, you can view your statements from the last 18 months within the secure environment of the ASB online banking system. This allows you to access, print and save your statements any time you want. ASB deposits $9.99 in our customer’s account just for going green with e-Statements so take advantage of that!

Access Your Accounts Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile Banking allows you to view transaction history, transfer funds, create a bill payment, deposit a check and manage your debit card all in one place no matter where you’re at. So, there’s no need to worry about forgetting a bill when on vacation because you can utilize Bill Pay!

Easily Pay Bills

Pay virtually anyone in the United States with Bill Pay! From your phone provider to your gas company, you can pay bills electronically and receive bills in one place. Whether it’s a one-time bill or recurring monthly payment, you can make your payment conveniently and securely. No more time spent licking envelopes or money wasted on stamps!

Send & Request Money

Popmoney is a person-to-person (P2P) payment service network with more than 2,000 participating financial institutions across the United States. Popmoney allows you the freedom to send, request and receive money to anyone, anytime. This will help you pay someone for that Uber you just split or request a payment when you paid for a coworker’s lunch.

Deposit a Check Remotely

No matter where you’re at, you can deposit your check and have it easily added into your account with Quick Pic Deposit. Simply take a picture of your check using your smartphone’s camera and submit that money into an account of your choosing!

Utilize Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital means of keeping your payment information ready for use on your smartphone. American State Bank now allows you to add your American State Bank debit card to your mobile wallet so you can use it to make payments anywhere Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay is accepted. This makes paying at the store even quicker so you can move on to the next errand!

Use Remote Capture for Business

If you operate a business, online and mobile banking can also be extremely beneficial to you. With Remote Capture, we will provide you with a desktop scanner that connects through a secure internet URL to allow you to deposit checks directly from your office. This means you can deposit checks on your own schedule without having to make a run to the bank.