Summer is here! While you are out enjoying the weather and all summer has to offer, we also wanted you to enjoy some savings. This season, focus on a few ways you can cut costs. American State Bank is here to offer our top five summer savings ideas.

Grill Out

Instead of using the oven and stove inside, bring the food outside! By using the oven and stove less, you’re using less electricity and gas as well as not heating up the house more which would make the air conditioner work harder. You also can get some fresh air and enjoy time with friends and family by grilling outdoors.

Start a Garden

You won’t believe the amount of food that starts to grow when you garden. You can start with a few fruits and veggies and watch them take off! Fresh produce can cost money in the summer and even more in the winter whether it is fresh or frozen, so starting a garden where you can have fresh food and freeze some for winter will help you save.

Air Dry Laundry

The warm summer breeze is a great way to dry your laundry, so you don’t have to spend money on bills associated with the dryer. You also do less damage to your clothes by not subjecting them to a tumbler and extra heat. Be sure to wash your clothes in cold water as well because it’ll save money and gets them just as clean!


Save up to 20% on energy costs by making little updates to your home. Caulking your doors and windows will help keep the cool air in and warm air out. You can also get shades and keep them drawn to avoid the sun heating up rooms during the day. When it comes to other updates and repairs, see if you can do them yourself! This can help save costs on handyman work – but definitely spend the money if you don’t know what you’re doing to avoid any major problems you could create.

Cut Down Entertainment

When it’s spring, summer and fall, it’s easy to find more outdoor activities to do! You can go hiking, swimming, climb trees, play sports and so on with your family or friends. Look at your monthly bills that deal with entertainment like paying for multiple subscriptions when you may only need one in the summer or having a gym membership you’re not using because you’re being active outdoors. Things like that are easy to cut and save money for over half the year.

We hope these five tips help you save a little this summer and get your juices flowing to think of other ways to save! For more helpful hacks, keep following along with our new blog posts. Once you’ve got some money saved, we’d love to help you keep it in a safe place like a savings account!