Let summer hosting be easy and not over budget! Whether you are having family over for the holidays, a birthday, or friends over for a backyard BBQ, check out these tips on how best to save when hosting a summer gathering this year. Let hosting be fun, easy, and not expensive with these tips for food, drinks, décor, and more.

The Spread 

Food is a crucial part of a good party. When hosting, food can most definitely add up and take a good chunk of your budget. Rather than having an elaborate spread, opt for a variety of appetizers and arrange them in a casual way. Spruce up your spread with some decorations such as trays, jars, baskets, bowls, etc. to look beautiful and add organization. 

Spread Ideas:

  • Dips
  • Bread
  • Crackers, chips, nuts
  • Charcuterie
  • Flatbreads
  • Veggie tray
  • Fruit cups
  • Sliders
  • Cold meat sandwiches
  • Topping bar (make your own)

Small Touches and Décor 

When it comes to the small touches and décor, pick your theme, and select your colors accordingly. Use florals to add color and a simplistic feel (these look amazing in mason jars). Your décor can be as much or as little as you’d like – make sure it’s functional and reusable if you host often! 

Touches to Add:

  • Table clothes
  • String lights 
  • Plush pillows
  • Throw blankets
  • Baskets 
  • Candles
  • Decorative plastic cups 
  • Decorative plastic plates and silverware
  • Greenery & florals
  • Themed décor 
  • Menu board 
  • Balloon arch 
  • Photo booth/area (pair with balloon arch) 

Signature Cocktails 

Signature cocktails can be so much fun and do not have to break the bank. Grab a couple of pitchers and pour up a few different options right before party time. Use fresh fruit to jazz them up. Make your cocktails stand out and look pretty with a cocktail menu listing out each drink and the ingredients. Dependent upon what drinks you craft, you could incorporate a fruit bar for people to choose that they’d like to infuse drinks with.


Parties call for sweets, so make it easy on yourself by setting your desserts out on trays on the tables to look beautiful and be readily available. Sweets can be minimal, or you can make it unique with a sweets bar including toppings for people to craft their own. 

Hosting can be so much fun but also very stressful. Let your next event be smooth sailing and inexpensive with these top hosting tips!