School is out, summer is here, and believe me it will fly by just as it does every year! Don’t let summer pass you by without trying out these staple activities. Make this summer a good one by nailing down a “must-do list” before the end of summer – here 10 some must-try activities!

1. Plan a Picnic

Yes, this tip you may consider old-school, but it is a summer staple you must organize for a gorgeous sunny day. Find a grassy spot, plop down, and enjoy a sweet summer afternoon. Picnics are fantastic because you are in charge of the menu. Pack a traditional meal or make it a smorgasbord of your favorites and do NOT forget the cooler! Take your friends or family to enjoy some quality time and sunshine. 

2. Try Something You’ve Never Done Before

Tip #2 is all about you and branching out of your comfort zone. This summer try something new, whether that be a road trip to a place you’ve always dreamt of visiting or going skydiving, do it! The possibilities are endless, and you will thank yourself at the end of summer for creating those memories. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: 

  • Staycation
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Skydiving 
  • Road Trip to a New Place
  • Trail Riding – Horseback, ATV, Biking 

3. Gain a Green Thumb

There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own produce. Growing your garden can be therapeutic and an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors.  Whether you grow flowers, vegetables, fruits, or even herbs and spices at the end of the season you can enjoy what you’ve grown! 

4. Home TLC 

Summertime is the best time to tackle some home improvement projects you’ve been dreading. I’m sure your yard, gutters, and the exterior of your home could use some TLC. Get it done early in the summer so you can enjoy your beautiful home and yard and continue to knock off those to-do list items. 

5. See an Outdoor Concert

There are so many wonderful outdoor concerts in the summer. See what is near you and enjoy an evening out with some music. This is a great option for a date night or outing with friends and family. There are many festivals that offer a variety of music to enjoy outdoors. 

6. Visit a Farmers’ Market 

Farmers’ markets in the summer are a great time to get fresh produce as well as enjoy local vendors. You won’t regret getting your produce locally grown! 

7. Hit Up a County Fair

County fairs and/or town festivals are a hoot! There is so much to do and enjoy - there really is nothing better than fair food in the summertime. From fireworks, parades, contests, rides, concerts, treats, and more you will be glad you hit up the county fair! 

8. Plan a Lawn Game Tournament 

From croquet, mini-golf, to cornhole planning out a lawn game tournament has to be on your summer to-do list. This is a great idea for a family, friend, or neighborhood get-together. There is nothing better than some friendly competition on a beautiful summer day and this is a great time to pair with tip #10!

9. Spend a Day on the Water

Summer days can be so refreshing when in or near a body of water. There are a lot of activities you can enjoy when you have water. Go swimming, fishing, layout, go canoeing or kayaking, try a boat ride, rent a jet ski, tube the river, etc. – you are bound to have an amazing day and stay cool! Spending a day at a waterpark or pool can also great and convenient options! 

10. Fire Up the Grill 

Summer is a prime time to enjoy your grill or smoker. There is no better way to get together with family and friends than to put together a BBQ. Whether you host or have a grill-out night with your immediate circle you’ll enjoy your time and your dishes! Don’t forget about roasting some marshmallows for dessert!

Summer is one of the busiest times of year because we are all soaking up the beautiful weather and endless possibilities to make it the best summer yet! Write down your must-do list ASAP to start making plans to get those ideas into action! Have an amazing summer!