It’s home selling season! With that being said, you have plenty to do before your home is ready to sell and we are here to help. So, what should you do to prepare your home to look tip-top without breaking the bank? Here are our mortgage lender’s tips on how to stage a house to sell. 

Less Is More 

Declutter that house! People want to be able to imagine their items in your home – if your home and closets are packed full of stuff, it will be hard to see their items in your home and think there’s enough room. Work on boxing up everything and storing it in a unit if needed for a few months if you don’t have anywhere else to put it. If you have lots of big furniture, it may also be worth storing that as well to make the spaces appear larger and more open. 


To go with the above tip, people want to see themselves in your home. Seeing all these pictures of you and your family along with personal items will make it hard to imagine their life within your home. Take down pictures from your wall to allow a less cluttered and more move-in ready space. 

Hide The Pets 

We all love our cats and dogs, but other people don’t. Even if you were super clean, someone knowing you have a large dog in the house or seeing multiple litter boxes throughout the home may turn them off. They don’t know how potty trained your dog was or how clean of a person you are, so seeing signs of a pet can worry some people as to what has been damaged or covered up by you. Hiding pet-related items and cleaning up your yard will make the home seem cleaner and move-in ready! 

Light It Up 

Good lighting can make a home feel brighter, happier, cleaner and more spacious. Open curtains or blinds and change lightbulbs to a cooler, brighter light instead of the warmer, yellow toned bulbs. 


Repainting your home is a cost friendly way to transform rooms. Not only will the buyer be able to see themselves in the space easier, but this can help freshen up the look and feel of your home. Choose neutral tones like gray, tan and white. 

Deep Clean 

Clean your heart out. Clean walls, baseboards, showers, toilets, floors, sinks, grout, counters, ceiling fans, lights, handles, light switches, appliances, cabinets, windows, vents and so on. Replace vent filters which can help give your home a fresher smell. Cleaning will also help you catch any things that may need a minor fix.  

These tips allow you to make your home look more inviting without spending lots of money on last minute upgrades. When you are ready to purchase your next home, we are here to help with our mortgage loans. Check out our home loan rates or apply for a home loan today!