It is no secret that gas prices have skyrocketed! Filling up our gas tanks has become a huge expense and a task we all dread to fulfill. Here are some tips on how to save at the pump and ease your mind this summer. 

Do Your Research 

Avoid Getting Gas On the Weekend

Gas prices tend to increase towards the end of the week and on the weekend, so your best bet is to fill up your tank towards the beginning of the week. To be specific, avoid filling up your gas tank on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It may even be in your best interest to top it off before the weekend nears to avoid having to bite the bullet and fill up your tank when prices are at their peak. 

Use An App

We have all experienced a time when we stop to get gas and after the fact see a place nearby that was cheaper. With gas prices being high, it is important to do your research. Utilize apps such as Upside, GasBuddy , and Waze to get an idea of where to get the cheapest gas in your area. Gas in convenient locations such as in a busy shopping area or off a highway exit tends to be the most expensive. 

Plan Your Routes and Gas Stops

The more you drive the more gas you use. If you can effectively plan your routes such as doing your shopping on the way home from work rather than waiting for the weekend to make a special trip out. Coordinating several trips on the same day such as errands, kids' activities, etc. can greatly reduce the miles you put on each week. If you can cut several miles a week you can save a fill-up or two each month. As you plan your routes in advance, this is the time to coordinate when and where to get your gas. 

Join A Rewards Program

Joining a rewards program is a free opportunity to save overtime on gas. Many gas stations and grocery stores offer fuel rewards programs at no cost. As you look to join in on a fuel rewards program, look into the specific rules listed so you know what criteria to meet to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Start A Carpool 

A simple way to save how many miles you are putting in each week and reduce your number of fill-ups each month is to carpool when you can. Consider sharing a ride with your spouse, child, family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor. Even allowing your kids to share a carpool can help reduce the number of trips out. Sharing rides is an easy and rewarding tip for all involved as you all can take turns driving so you all drive less. 

Change Your Driving Habits

There are many tips to incorporate into your driving habits that do in fact reduce wasting gas. Check out these six driving habits that will help you save your gas usage on the road. 

  • Wait to start the vehicle until everyone is ready to go and your navigation is set. 
  • Speed up gradually. The faster you accelerate, the more gas you use. 
  • The same goes for stopping, let your foot off the gas and glide to a stop. 
  • Don’t blast the AC all the time as it affects your fuel economy. 
  • Use your cruise control wisely. You may be better off without cruise control in a hilly area.
  • Drive at a consistent pace and use control to your advantage. Fast and inconsistent speeds can take a toll on your fuel economy.

Check Your Vehicle’s Condition

Like your driving habits, keeping up on your vehicle’s condition alone can save the amount of time you’re filling up your tank by simply improving your fuel economy. Here’s what to check on your vehicle to keep it in tip-top shape below.

  • Check your tire pressure
  • Remove any heavy weight from your vehicle 
  • Tightly seal your gas cap
  • Get frequent oil changes and ensure you are using the correct oil

As gas prices continue to go up, it is worth it to incorporate these tips to save on gas prices and reduce the number of fill-ups you may have!