Do you know what a Certificate of Deposit is? Today we are going to outline the top 5 benefits of a Certificate of Deposit (CD), what a CD is, and why it financially makes sense to open one now. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a Certificate of Deposit at American State Bank

1. What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD) 

For the folks who think the market is the only place to invest your money, we hope to change your mind by the end of this blog. A Certificate of Deposit is a product that provides an interest rate premium in exchange for the customer leaving a lump-sum deposit untouched for a predetermined period of time. Investing your money is the best way to make your money work for you – consider opening a CD with us to work yours.  

2. CDs Have Higher Interest Rates  

What you may not know is that CDs pay a significantly higher interest rate than savings accounts or money markets as long as you leave your deposit untouched for that predetermined period of time.  

3. If You Don’t Need the Money Immediately, Put it in a CD 

There is a reason CDs pay higher interest rates than savings accounts and we are going to fill you in on why. You can pull your money in and out of your savings account as you please. With a Certificate of Deposit, you’re required to lock your money in for a set amount of time. With that being said, if you absolutely have to withdraw money from a CD you may experience a fee.  

So to put it simple, if you have a chunk of money saved that you don’t need immediately it is worth it to open a CD and stash it away. As the saying goes, make your money work for you and it absolutely will if you move it from a Savings or Money Market account to a Certificate of Deposit. 

4. CDs are Safer and More Conservative Investments 

Certificates of Deposit accounts are known as a safer and more conservative investment option in comparison to stocks and bonds as they offer lower opportunities for growth, but with a non-volatile, guaranteed rate of return. Although you lock into a set period of time with you open a CD, there are options for exiting early should you encounter an emergency or change of plans.  

5. CDs Can Provide You Peace of Mind 

Certificates of Deposit provide you with fixed rates for fixed terms. In a world of unknowns, especially right now, knowing the benefits of a CD can provide invaluable peace of mind when it comes to your money. Feel secure in knowing potential gains in an uncertain market don’t outweigh the need for a financial product like a CD that provides reliable growth.  

At American State Bank, our Certificates of Deposit allow you peace of mind as you focus on your savings strategy. Our terms available are three to five years with early withdrawals being subject to penalty. Separate, penalty-free CDs are available that allow you to add to the certificate or make withdrawals without penalty.

Are you ready to move your money to a Certificate of Deposit? We can help answer any questions you may have and get your new account started! Call American State Bank today to discuss a Certificate of Deposit!