Summer is quickly approaching and with that, it is important to have the funds to enjoy the summer. That is why we are implementing the dollar-a-day savings challenge. Keep reading to learn about this easy-to-implement summer saving challenge!

How to Save Extra for Summer 

This summer savings challenge is something that all ages can participate in and adjust to their current funds. The dollar-a-day savings challenge is easy to implement as it is exactly how it sounds, saving a dollar a day or potentially more if your budget allows. Choose whatever day your summer trip starts as the end date, but until then put at least a dollar every day into savings for the trip.

  1. Determine the amount you need/would like to save for a summer endeavor.
  2. Calculate how much per day you’d need to save to reach that goal. 

Amp Up Your Savings Challenge: 

  1. Double the amount each week.
  2. Add a dollar each day - $1 on day 1, $2 on day 2. OR try in reverse – if you are saving for 60 days save $60 on day 1, $59 on day 2. 
  3. Save an additional lump sum every so many days (an additional $25 saved every 25 days). 

Best Ways to Save for Your Upcoming Trips

Be Consistent 

The easiest way to save is to put money away into an account for later and let it acquire interest. This challenge is one that you can continue after the trip and keep saving for your next trip. Since there is more time to save, it would be beneficial to put the money in a savings account to gain interest Choose a Personal Savings Account | American State Bank.

  • Personal Savings Account
  • Preferred Direct Savings Account

Make Small Changes

The first change to make may seem obvious but eat at home. Eating out is a lovely experience, but it is also one thing you consider the gas it takes to get there, the meal, as well as the tip it can cost triple what it would take to make it yourself at home. That money could be saved and put away for your future vacation. Think of it as sacrificing a meal out now in order to gain one on vacation. This also allows you to get ahead in the challenge. 


At any age, a great way to remember what you’re saving for is to have a constant visual. There are hundreds of templated online that could be printed off but if you want to make it custom for you and your family, all you will need is paper and markers. This doesn’t have to be a big thing, even just a poster on the fridge, but it ensures you remember the challenge. Turning it into a household competition is also a great way for any age to enjoy a savings challenge. Each person can have a color in the visual which allows them to see how much they have saved. Making it, so the child who saves the most can pick where to eat for dinner a night on vacation, dinner a night on vacation will give motivation. 

Saving for summer fun or a big upcoming expense doesn’t have to feel impossible or come as a hassle. Give this challenge a shot this spring to boost your savings for summer!