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President's Message

President's Month In Review

Blue Zone Workplace – In 2014 ASB continues it’s commitment to employees and kick off our Employee Wellness Program, a Blue Zone Workplace. So far, 23 employees have signed up for blue zone.  As part of the kick-off of our overall Wellness Program, many are participating in Live Healthy Iowa.  We have 3 teams signed up for Live Healthy Iowa with 22 of our employees participating representing all 4 of our locations!  Live Healthy Iowa is a 10 week program focusing on healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss with any one or all three considered by participants.  

The bank is providing incentives for employees to be healthy.  We want them to live longer and better! Incentives include up to $24/month for exercising/being active (doubled to $48/mo Feb and March); paying for Live Healthy Iowa entry; paying for Biometrics testing made convenient to be held at ASB on Jeffreys; and other incentives as the year goes on.  To receive reimbursement for exercise incentive, employees must be signed up for Blue Zone through the Blue Zone website.  

I estimate ASB is committing $10-15,000 for our Wellness Program incentives and the program in 2014.  The program is implemented through an employee led committee, chaired by Melissa Short and Sidney Bethards.  

Debit Card Compromises – The Target compromise continues to be in the news.  Get my hair cut by a gal who banks with us in Winterset, at Great Clips in WDM. She said she appreciated being able to get her debit card replaced “instantly” with the Target compromise as ASB instantly issues and reissues debit cards at our locations.   It is important for customers to remember, these breaches in security come from the merchant, not the bank.  We are simply there to help you protect your account balances and be able to conduct business as normal as soon as possible.

Monica Jacobi Retiring – Monica celebrates her retirement at our staff meeting on Feb 26th; she is a 10 year banker at ASB and a 30 year banker overall and she is in our Lamoni branch. Lamoni is also having an open house for her on Feb 28th.  Thank you Monica for your years of service to banking and to American State Bank!  

Congrats to Employees – The Board approved Connie Siefkas permanent relocation to Winterset.  Congrats to Connie as she continues her important role in Winterset working as Vice President in our lending department there!  In turn, Matt Ritchey has accepted permanent employment in Osceola as a Loan Officer.  Matt has a bright future with ASB and I have big plans for him! He has been in the workforce in audit accounting for the past 7 years after graduating from Simpson College. I have known Matt since he was a young boy as he grew up on a farm North of Medora. Finally, after years of service to ASB, Marilyn Penick is being recognized as Sr. Vice President in charge of Retail Banking at all locations.

EMV is Coming – don’t know what EMV is?  Well, the link below will help educate you but in short it is where debit cards are going. The magnetic strip will be replaced with a chip card that can limit fraud.  The industry is supposed to be fully converted by 2016.  We are working on conversion of ATM’s and replacement of ATM’s to accommodate and with our instant issue debit card provider to be ready for the change.   The conversion will involve the use of dual cards, magnetic strip and EMV, until such time as only EMV cards will be recognized at point of purchase merchants. You can learn more about EMV at the following link: http://www.smartcardalliance.org/pages/publications-emv-faq

Chamber Banquet Time of Year – I am attending Chamber banquets in Osceola, Winterset and Lamoni.  We are sponsors at these events and I take a great deal of pride the leadership our bank provides at each location.  Congratulations to all our communities for their accomplishments!  Thanks to our Chamber Board representatives from ASB; David Bemis, Osceola; Donna Jackson, Winterset; and Alysha Quick, Lamoni!


Kevin W. Klemesrud
President and CEO
American State Bank
Osceola, Lamoni, Winterset

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