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Iowa Student Loan Program

Student Loans

Pursuing a college education is a great investment in your future.  The time, money and effort you spend on your education will provide you with opportunities for expanded career choices and greater earning potential.  Although financing your education may seem overwhelming at times, many types of financial aid are available.  

Private Student Loans can help to bridge the gap between any government student aid you receive and the mount needed to attend your school of choice.  Applying for a private student loan should be considered only after you have exhausted all federal, state and institutional student loan options.  

Cosigners or students who can meet underwriting and income criteria may apply for the Partnership Advance Education Loan.  Additional information is available at http://www.iowastudentloan.org/Private-Loan-Programs/

For Iowa students who have been denied a supplemental private student loan requiring a cosigner, American State Bank participates in Iowa Alliance Private Loan Program 

Additional College Planning Assistance

If you are looking for information on planning or, applying to, paying for and succeeding in college, American State Bank recommends the Iowa College Access Network© (ICAN).  ICAN offers free services, including assistance with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to students and their families.  Visit ICANsucceed or call (877) 272-4692 for more information about ICAN.


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